Luc van Hecke

CEO of AmsterdamGold

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Luc Van Hecke is an accomplished Financial Services Professional


Risk Management

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Currently the Chief Executive Officer with the AmsterdamGold Group, Luc van Hecke holds decades of experience with international trade in financial products and commodities. Under his leadership, AmsterdamGold has grown to become a market leader for trade in physical gold and silver.

As CEO for the AmsterdamGold Group, Luc is responsible for developing, communicating, and implementing the vision, mission, and overall direction for the firm. After assuming his position on the managing board, Luc Van Hecke has worked to reduce costs, improve margins, restructure the organization, and improve the operational efficiency of AmsterdamGold. Under Luc Van Hecke’s guidance, AmsterdamGold has earned a nomination for the Best Precious Metals Investment Advisory Team in Europe by Capital Finance International.

The most significant improvements, however, have been witnessed through the recruitment and development of the leadership team. Luc Van Hecke understands that in order for a firm to best serve their clients, a cohesive and knowledgeable management team is paramount. He finds it incredibly rewarding to build and nurture effective leadership. Luc Van Hecke has a great deal of respect for everyone at the firm, as they have all played an instrumental role in helping to position AmsterdamGold as one the premier precious metals trading companies in Europe.

AmsterdamGold achieved this unprecedented level of success during a time when Risk Management is of utmost importance. Luc Van Hecke prides himself on delivering a strong product for his clients in an ethical manner.

Prior to his role with AmsterdamGold, Luc Van Hecke worked as a successful trader. He spent over four years with BinckBank NV, working his way up from a Senior Trade Professional to Head Trading Desk. Luc Van Hecke managed the largest trading desk in the Netherlands, overseeing 80 traders and a collective €4.5 billion in trading per day.

During his tenure as a trader, Luc Van Hecke won numerous awards. While working with Alex Brokerage, Luc was presented with the Goudenstier Award for Best Internet Broker (2011), Best Asset Management (2011), and Best Financial Institution (2008). While trading at BinckBank, Luc won the Iex Netprofiler Award for Best Broker in Netherlands for three consecutive years. He also took home the Beursbulletin Award and Cash Today Award for Best Broker in Netherlands (2009), and the Best Customer Service Honor for the Netherlands (2012).

Luc Van Hecke is a graduate of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, earning a degree in Economics. Outside of his professional life, Luc enjoys traveling and immersing himself in the diverse cultures of countries all around the world.


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