Amsterdam Gold is based in the Netherlands and is globally known for making the buying, selling, and storing of gold and other precious metals easy and safe. Transport of precious metals is albeit more difficult than transporting printed money, however Amsterdam Gold takes every precaution to ensure that every order very seriously. Every shipment is issued, tracked, and guarded by Amsterdam Gold, and a variety of special shipment and freight options are available.

Benelux, or the socio-economiGold Barsc union of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands is the biggest backer of Amsterdam Gold, however every country in the world is able to have their order shipped to them, no exemptions. Offshore vault storage is available in Hong Kong and Zurich, and you have multiple payment options including local bank transfer, international bank transfer, bitcoin, cash, ideal, and credit card.

Prices of the precious metals can change minute to minute because the pricing is based on the international spot price for gold, silver, or platinum. Our website is easy to navigate and shows up to date exchange rates on silver and gold.

Trustpilot, an online review site, shows that over 90% of our customers would rate our company 4 out of 5 stars or better.

Why Investing in Precious Metals is Great for Your Portfolio 

Throughout ancient times and into the modern era, gold has been symbolic of wealth and coveted by everyone. Especially during times of economic duress, turning to gold and other precious metals is oftentimes an investor’s go to. What’s great about investing in precious metals is the ability to have a tangible object, which is different than an intangible investment into a company. While gold, silver, and platinum seem to be abundant in our cultures, the truth remains that there is a finite supply of each, and you can be the owner of a portion of the world’s reserve of a precious metal.

Silver CoinsWhile gold is the most popular investment when it comes to precious metals, silver and platinum also hold a place in the world’s stage. It’s also important to realize each metal’s industrial significance, instead of considering them as commodities for jewelry and coin making alone. For example, gold is becoming more and more integral in technology and electronics. Platinum and silver are used in medical instruments, electronics, and many household appliances.

Investing in precious metals is a smart way to balance your portfolio. While the price may rise or fall, investing in gold gives your portfolio a balance of value. While your stocks may rise or fall, gold remains strong in its intrinsic value.