Gold2016 has already been a busy year in many respects for AmsterdamGold. Thankfully, our company’s high level of productivity makes way for many opportunities. Of course, I love challenges, especially those brought on by stressful situations connected to volatile gold and financial markets. I also love the adrenaline of busy times, as I relish the opportunity to make quick decisions. Most importantly, however, I love Amsterdam Gold’s new team, which was formed due to reorganization. The below are a few aspects of AmsterdamGold about which I am most excited as this year continues.


The team’s spirit is positive and I have the most qualified people for their jobs titles in every department. The board now exists of two people. I work close with the Chief Financial Officer, and the team is more efficient than ever before. The two of us work together with our different skills to cover as much area as possible in the business. I specialize in trading, retail, vault, marketing, IT, security and logistics. On the other hand, my CFO specialized in accounting. Before we had four people at the board, however this reduction to two people just allows us to operate more quickly, with more flexibility, and, because of this, we can make more great things happen.

Financial markets:

Aside from the new team and company reorganization, AmsterdamGold is picking up a lot of business because of Brexit and uncertainties in financial markets. People are scared and are looking for a secure haven, hence why more people are interested in Gold. We had some very busy times at the trading desk of AmsterdamGold. Right around the Brexit vote, we traded 24 hours a day! It was a crazy time in the financial markets, all because of one country leaving the European Union. I believe that this country’s decision just made people more aware of their financial well-being. There is a risk Europe will fall, so people invest in gold. My team did an excellent job in this busy times.

Due to low interest rates, and even negative interest rates, business are required to pay banks for holding money. This strange situation makes AmsterdamGold a unique opportunity in the gold brokerage.


As leader in gold brokerage we have done a lot of marketing. We organized big events for our clients and we focused heavily on advertising. At the same time, we lifted our service to the next level. It was important to me that the most important thing about our business remained the client. I wanted everybody in the company to have the good DNA because the customer comes first! So, we increased the service level from a good to exxeplent (5 stars) in trustpilot. A couple of examples of how this happened are: next day delivery, free shipments, and fully insured gold shipments. This way, clients can order gold today and have it tomorrow in their home, private bank, or family office. Additionally, for bigger clients, we work with made-to-measure solutions. Those are just a few examples of the excellent service my team has provided to the world.

I’m proud of the results in terms of revenues, service levels, new products, marketing, and, of course, the spirit in the company. Everything starts off on track with a good team!

Luc van Hecke, CEO AmsterdamGold