Luc Van Hecke InterviewRecently, I did an interview with Luxry Magazine that detailed the inner workings of AmsterdamGold, which included how I came to be CEO of the company. For those who are not familiar with AmsterdamGold, it is a trading company that handles physical gold and silver.

I have always been interested in trading, as things that go along with trading, such as raw materials, are intriguing. As you can guess, the traded commodity that fascinates me the most is precious metals, although I did not always trade silver and gold. In fact, I began my career in trading with energy, then quickly moved to trading within banks. I rose to be the head of the trading desk for BinckBank Nederland and Alex Beleggersbank Nederland before the CEO of the esteemed listed investment company, V8, approached me to be part of its financial markets branch. A portion of my portfolio was AmsterdamGold, whose CEO stepped down soon after I joined V8. The board requested that I become the next CEO, and that is how I found myself where I am today.

Gold is one of the best materials to trade because it is highly touted, yet also a sort of safety net for investors. The index can be volatile, which is how our company generates income, but gold is generally the fourth investment step for clients that are starting a new life by buying their first home. People like to invest in gold in the stock market, but many also like to have the gold in physical form. AmsterdamGold owns the largest safe complex in Europe, in which much of our clients’ gold is stored. Other clients like to keep their gold in their homes, especially when the market is volatile. It is interesting that so many clients have their different ways to invest in gold, and their own reasons for where to keep it.

AmsterdamGold gets its material from the global gold smelter Umicore, which collects various pieces of gold from private citizens in exchange for cash and proceeds to melt it down. I have loved working with this company because it obtains gold in a responsible manner and has a guarantee that all gold is LBMA. Another company we work with is Ernst & Young, which counts the amount of gold in every safe. They then directly notify our clients of how much gold is in an individual safe, meaning how much gold the client owns. Aside from our amazing partnerships, AmsterdamGold is able to set itself apart from other trading companies in that we have an AFM (Autoriteit Financiele Markten) permit as well as an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certificate, which is a combination that is held by no other company.

At the end of the interview, I was asked to give advice on investing and trading. The one most important piece of advice I can give is to spread your assets. Do not put all of them in one place, and do not place all of your hope on any one thing, even if that thing is gold.