If you’re new to investing in the stock market or are a seasoned investment broker, chances are, you could always use more information and insight into the stock market. The stock market fluctuates on a dime and being able to adapt and change your strategy will help you stay a cut above the rest. The following apps and websites will help keep you informed on specific stocks or introduce you to the world of stock market investing. Whether it’s your job or you’re trying to invest just a portion of your income into the stock market, these sites will definitely help you along the way.



This part social media, part news outlet site will help you stay up to the minute on any stock you are currently looking into or have already invested in. Much like Twitter, users can post updates and release information about any stock they choose to focus on, giving you an undeniable edge when you’re looking into investing. Both beginners and advanced investors can take advantage of this constantly changing site. You won’t have to search for hours to find specific information on a stock, Stocktwits is easy to use and easy to search.



This site is viewed over 60 million times per month and is used by both the professional and beginner. Investopedia is full of information that is useful to anyone that invests in the stock market or has interest in learning more about retirement, personal finance, and the economy. There is even a section called “Advisor Insights” that allows financial advisors to answer questions from users, giving readers access to their expertise.



Many financial advisors and investors rely on the market news section of the Reuters website. On Reuters site, you will find a plethora of articles relating to the stock market as well as financial news. You can see updates of the market during trading hours and tips on what to invest in next.